Learn French through
topics that matter

Learn expressions that French people use everyday!

  • How to say ‘My name is’ without sounding like a child (or even worse, a tourist!)
  • The informal way to set up a meeting with a friend
  • The most useful phrases with ‘en‘ and ‘y’
  • Audio recordings to check the pronunciation



Develop the Skills to Take Your French
to the Next Level.


Learn to Understand French People
and Tell Them Your Story.

The team

Meet the innerFrench teachers!


Hugo started his career at the French institute in Warsaw. He created innerFrench to offer a different way to learn French.


Anna learned French at university in Krakow, Poland, then became a teacher herself. She helps the students enrolled in our courses.


Ingrid is a journalist and French teacher living in Toulouse. She creates content for the podcast and helps our advanced students.

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