#01 Apprendre le français naturellement​​

Bienvenue! Since this is our first episode together, I'm going to write in English just to make sure that we're all on the same page .

Why did I create this podcast?

As a French teacher, I noticed that many of my students were struggling with understanding spoken French. They could read articles from Le Monde but whenever we tried to watch a video on YouTube, they were completely lost.
If it sounds familiar, don’t worry: it’s not your fault!

When we learn a foreign language, we focus on written content because that’s the method we were taught at school. Unfortunately, there’s often a huge gap between written and spoken language since the latter is usually more informal.

That’s why getting early exposure is crucial, especially if your goal is to communicate with native speakers or to watch movies.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find interesting materials to listen to. Once we’re past the beginner level, we don’t want to hear about Camille’s trip to the bakery anymore but we’re not ready for French radio yet (not even for the famous « Journal en français facile » from RFI that’s everything but easy).

This is why I decided to create my own Intermediate French Podcast.

What's this podcast about and how can it help you?

In this podcast, I’ll cover different subjects from psychology to culture and of course languages. I won’t bore you with the typical French class topics (no, I don’t know how high the Eiffel tower is and I don’t eat snails). 

So forget about grammar and dive into these captivating topics! I’ll be speaking slightly slower than most real-life conversations in order to effectively improve your oral comprehension and easily expand your vocabulary in an enjoyable way.

I recommend listening to an episode several times in order to get a better understanding. It is totally normal not to grasp everything the first time. But if you listen to the episode again, you’ll see that you’ll be able to understand a lot more. And if some parts are still not clear after a few listenings, you can use the free transcript to help you. You just need to register to get access to all the transcripts.

How to learn French naturally

In this first episode, we’ll talk about Professor Stephen Krashen and his famous language acquisition theory. His work had a strong influence on me as a teacher and inspired the creation of this podcast.

I hope it will inspire you too and help you make progress.

Please don’t hesitate to share your comments, suggestions or questions with me 😉

Bonne écoute!

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The podcast started under the name « Cottongue » before changing to « innerFrench » in episode 20.